So you need SEO for your business- and you’re not sure which company to partner with? Before we get started, what brings you to seeking search engine optimization?

Maybe a Forbes article you’ve recently read has sparked your interest in online traffic, or maybe you have heard success stories from your business associates about their personal success with an SEO campaign, or maybe you are just finally curious to see what an SEO expert can do for your business. Whether you are looking to add another 10 customers per month – or 100 customers per month – search engine marketing may be a very real opportunity to explode your customer base on predictable, and scalable levels.

If you’re seeking an SEO expert in Parsippany, New Jersey – You have just found your match. Alex Bato Internet Media has been the go-to internet marketing firm for the medium sized business and fortune 500 company eager to propel to the next level in their business, utilizing Google search engine traffic.

Google has recently passed Apple as the most valuable company in the world- collecting $40 Billion from advertisers in 2013. It makes sense doesn’t it? With a smartphone in the hands of everyone 14 and up – we no longer use YellowPages or the local phone book to search for solutions to our needs. Any time we look for professional help- we use our handy smartphones and Google’s search engine to instantly locate trusted and verified answers to our problems. Whether it be an auto shop, a lawyer, a doctor, a restaurant that we are searching for – expect the search engines to show us the right way.

It is extremely important that you are careful which SEO company in Parsippany that you ultimately decide to work with. Your business is on the line here, and time is not on your side when the competition is working against you each and every passing day in their own efforts to make it onto the top of the standings.  Alex Bato Internet Media is here to shed light on the top 5 things you must know before making your decision on the right Parsippany SEO company.